Sanofi Canada furthers commitment to Canadians living with diabetes through mental health resources provided by MindBeacon

Providing online access to critical mental health support enables 360-degree approach to diabetes management beyond medication

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LAVAL, QC, June 14, 2022 /CNW Telbec/ - Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, diabetes care has been significantly impacted by the reduction in access to healthcare programs and services, resulting in a majority of people with diabetes experiencing mental health problems.1 Although 40 per cent of Canadians living with diabetes say that mental health checks have been an important aspect of their care since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, only two percent have a mental health practitioner or social worker on their care team, according to research commissioned by Sanofi Canada. Responding to this gap in critical mental health support, Sanofi Canada has partnered with MindBeacon, a CloudMD company, to enable improved access to mental health support for people living with diabetes.

Sabina Steinkellner
General Manager, General Medicines, Sanofi Canada

"We know that over half of Canadians living with diabetes are interested in taking a 360-approach towards holistic care with their treatment, but only 30 percent are actually taking this approach to managing their condition. By thinking beyond the traditional one-size-fits-all approach to diabetes management and enabling a holistic approach to care, we can help support Canadians living with diabetes as they navigate life with a chronic condition. We are proud to be partnering with MindBeacon to support this holistic approach to care by providing access to vital mental health support."

For people living with chronic health conditions, like diabetes, taking a collaborative or holistic approach to care that includes both mental and physical health care can reduce the risk of developing a mental health condition and improve overall health outcomes. For example, diabetes distress is the emotional response to dealing with the daily demands of living with diabetes. When stress levels become overwhelming, it can significantly undermine a person's confidence and ability to take care of the daily tasks required for their diabetes management. By using the diabetes distress scale – which takes emotional, physical, regimen and interpersonal distress into account – a person's emotional response to living with diabetes can be assessed so that appropriate action can be taken.

Rooted in evidence-based best practice, MindBeacon delivers high-quality mental health solutions across the spectrum of mental health problems and concerns, including support that is specifically designed to help those coping with chronic conditions.

Dr. Leorra Newman
Clinical Content Lead, MindBeacon

"It is often difficult to cope with the life-changing diagnosis of a chronic condition, like diabetes, and to manage the ongoing treatment that accompanies it. Diabetes is a life-long, chronic condition that needs to be monitored and managed every day. The constant demands of diabetes can take a toll on mental health – and feeling overwhelmed, anxious, angry, scared, or depressed can negatively affect the ability to cope with and care for diabetes. We know that mental health and physical health are intertwined. Incorporating MindBeacon into the patient journey can better support the patient holistically for maximum benefit."

Sanofi Canada's Commitment to Diabetes
A diagnosis of chronic illness, such as diabetes, often comes with high levels of uncertainty, lifestyle changes and new treatments. Sanofi Canada is committed to partnering with healthcare providers and people living with diabetes to provide optimal care and support. Building on our strong legacy and history in diabetes, with an agile approach to our work, Sanofi Canada's commitment to helping Canadians with diabetes goes beyond medicine. We are working hard to fill the gaps and ensure that the needs of people living with diabetes are put first, enabling them to live well and manage their condition, simply and conveniently.

About Sanofi Canada
We are an innovative global healthcare company, driven by one purpose: we chase the miracles of science to improve people's lives. Our team, across some 100 countries, is dedicated to transforming the practice of medicine by working to turn the impossible into the possible. We provide potentially life-changing treatment options and life-saving vaccine protection to millions of people globally, while putting sustainability and social responsibility at the center of our ambitions. In Canada, Sanofi employs approximately 2,000 people and in 2021, we invested more than $143 million in R&D in Canada, creating jobs, business and opportunity throughout the country.

About MindBeacon
MindBeacon provides a continuum of mental healthcare that includes self-guided psychoeducational and wellness content, Therapist Guided CBT Programs and Live Therapy Sessions all offered virtually through its secure and private platform. As one of the first commercially available, digitally-native platforms to offer therapist-assisted internet-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in Canada, MindBeacon's professional service is designed around end users – their health, their way. Working with employers, insurance carriers and government ministries, MindBeacon offers services that are accessible, available, affordable and, most importantly, proven to be effective. MindBeacon is changing the therapy landscape by making professional care available to every person, no matter when, where and how they choose to access it.


1 Diabetes Canada. "The Impact of COVID-19 on Access to Diabetes Care,
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